Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dark Crime by Christine Feehan

Dark Crime by Christine Feehan

Blaze knows who killed her father, and she has merciless plans for payback--until she hears from a seductive stranger who pleads with her to wait.  Retribution is in his blood too.  Now, he and Blaze will be united in the blood of the guilty.  Tonight, vengeance is theirs.

Blaze is out to kill those who tortured her father before throwing his dead father at her feet as if her were garbage.  She has a plan, she is fully aware that she might die bringing down her enemies, but with the guilt she is feeling, that might actually be a welcome blessing.  However, before she can follow through with her plans, she meets him.  Maxim.  A Carpathian hanging onto his honor who cannot allow Blaze to harm herself now that he has found her and discovered she is his lifemate.

This novella in the dark series has a great, action-packed beginning and one helluva crazy ride at the end that leaves all kinds of tantalizing story threads hanging for future installments.  It is the middle that was lagging.  As soon as Maxim and Blaze meet, it is chapter after chapter of sex and lusting, interspersed with a little bit of plot then more sex.  It's hot and well written, but there was just too much of it compared to the rest of the story.  I would have preferred the ratio to be more vampire-hunting action especially as this novella sets up the Carpathians to have yet another huge curve ball thrown at them just as they are on the brink of maybe tipping fertility and birthrates in their favor.  

I am happy with where Christine Feehan is taking the Carpathians and this series, but this entry was not a favorite.  The ending totally made sticking it out worth it, but I don't see a reread in the future...

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