Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 105 Challenge

I just keep finding fun challenges!  ReadWriteLove28 is hosting the 105 Challenge.  The goal is to read 105 books in 12 categories...with each set of books consisting of a number of books ranging from 1-12.

My 105 Challenge will contain the following: 

14. New (or new-to-me)  Sean Michael Books (I love him and he is a very prolific author!
13. Books That Make Me Laugh Out Loud 
12.  New-to-Me Authors
11.  Books With Huge (or at least some) Buzz that I Haven't Read Yet
10.  Books Written By People Who Are Related (I don't mean related to me but authors related to each other i.e. a book by Jim Butcher and then a book by his wife, Shannon Butcher...or a book written together such as PC and Kristin Cast)
9.  Monochromatic Covers
8.  YA
7.  New Adult Books
6.  Next-in-a-Series Books (books in a series that is on-going that I need to read to either catch up or remain caught up)
5.  Books described as "Angst-y" (not usually my cup of tea, but sometimes they really hit the spot)
4.  Books that Make Me Cry (sniffle, weep, or sob, sometimes I just want to be sad...is it just me?)
3.  Books recommended to me by my mom
2.  Books I didn't like the first time I tried them (sometimes I'm just not in the right frame of mind for a particular book)
1. Non-Fiction 

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