Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hard Core Re-Reading Challenge

You, Me, and a Cup of Tea is hosting the Hard Core Re-Reading Challenge.  I plan on starting at Level 1: Re-reading itch and hopefully will work my way on up through more levels (it would be awesome to get to 50+ Re-reading coma!).  However, I tend to plan big and then get frustrated when/if I can't follow through (see two months of almost daily blogging followed by almost two year hiatus...ahem).  I plan to be more tortoise and less hare this year and therefore, hopefully more successful as a long term blogger.  But I digress...on to what I would like to re-read: 

  Re-Read Possibilities for 2015: 

I have (very embarrassingly) never gotten around to reading Heart of Obsidian (or Shield of Winter which came after) but before I can I need to reread some of the earlier titles to remind myself of the details, so I will be rereading the following Nalini Singh titles: 

  1. Bonds of Justice
  2. Play of Passion
  3. Kiss of Snow
  4. Tangle of Need 
(who knows, I might start all over at book 1 as I do LOVE this series!)

I am behind on the Guild Hunter series as well and will re-read the first few as well (I am a die-hard reader-of-a-series-in-order and when I put down a series for too long, I almost feel obligated to start all the way at book one again...anyone else do that?)

  1. Angel's Blood
  2. Archangel's Kiss
  3. Archangel's Consort
  4. Archangel's Blade
I am woefully behind on several Nora Roberts' series (never even started the Bride's Quartet or the newest Trilogy from 2014) and hope to get to them this year, which will most likely make me want to revisit some of my favorites from her back list including the Key Trilogy and The Sign of Seven Trilogy.  

I know there will be many more re-reads in my future in 2015 but I won't try to predict them now...but I do look forward to revisiting many "old friends" in 2015!

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