Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 Reading Road Trip Challenge

She's Got Books on Her Mind is hosting the 2015 Reading Road Trip Challenge with the goal of reading books set in (or in the case of road trip books that stop and visit) all 50 states.  I am going completely crazy in my quest to participate in every fun, cool challenge I find so I am compensating (probably not very successfully, but who cares?) by starting small in each challenge and then growing through levels if/when possible.  For this challenge I will be beginning with Level 1: Hitchhiker (10-20 States).  I will (probably) read a mix of YA/NA/Adult titles for this challenge.  

States Completed (in Alphabetical Order, because that makes sense to me): 

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  1. That's a good strategy - to start small and level up in challenges. Good luck in the Reading Road Trip Challenge! If you have any trouble finding books let me know (:
    P.S. - I thought I was the only one participating in so many challenges. You completely surpassed me! Good luck with all your challenges :D