Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TBR Reduction Extreme: January Update

TBR Reduction Extreme: January Update

I challenged myself to reduce my overall TBR piles by 2 books per month.  Knowing my book-buying habits (I don't like to wait when my fave authors put out new books--I need them NOW) coupled with my love for free Kindle downloads and I knew that 2 books would be a challenge.

Let's see how I did: 

January 1
Total Kindle Items: 2013
Samples: 95
Collections: 51
Library e-books: 7
Items Not Counted: 2 (both dictionaries)
What's Left: 1858 
Already Read: 598 (not 100% accurate but close enough)
TBR: 1260

Physical Books: 401

January 31
Total Kindle Items: 2162
Samples: 143
Collections: 57
Library e-books: 4
Items Not Counted: 2
What's Left: 1956
Already Read: 627
TBR: 1329

Physical Books: 381 

So, I increased by a lot on my Kindle (almost all free downloads although about 5 books I paid for) and decreased by physical books by more than expected.  Of the physical books, I completed 8 and DNF'd 12.  

All in all, I failed to decrease my overall books by two...

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