Saturday, August 1, 2015

Authors A to Z: A Completed Reading Challenge

Authors A to Z: A Completed Reading Challenge

Thanks to Samantha Lin for hosting the Authors A to Z Reading Challenge.  I have very much enjoyed it and discovered a number of new to me authors and revisited some old friends.  Among the highlights for me are new authors Rebecca Zanetti, Charlotte Stein, Andy Weir, and Alexandra Ivy.  On to who I read: 

A: Archer, Jennifer
B: Bailey, Tessa
C: Covington, Cara
D: Dean, Kimberly
E: Evans, Gabrielle
F: Flynn, Joyee
G: Gasq-Dion, Sandrine
H: Holm, Jennifer L.
I: Ivy, Alexandra
J: Janzen, Tara
K: Kearsley, Susanna
L: Land, Alexa
M: Miller, Linda Lael
N: Northcote, Jay
O: O'Tierney, Raine
P: Parker, Sara K.
Q: Quinn, Julia
R: Robson, Cecy
S: Stein, Charlotte
T: Tarrent, T.N.
U: Urban, Madeleine
V:  Violet, Sylvia
W: Weir, Andy
X: Xanthe*
Y: Yolan, Jane
Z: Zanetti, Rebecca

I hope this challenge is hosted again next year!  I will sign up again for sure!!

*Xanthe is an amazing author of fan fiction.  She only uses the one name so I many be stretching the rules a bit since we are supposed to use surnames only.  However, I love her work and the letter X is hard to find so there you have it.  

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