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Under the Covers by Rebecca Zanetti

Under the Covers by Rebecca Zanetti

Opposites don't attract.  They ignite.

The small Montana town near the Kooskia reserve seemed like the perfect place for Juliety Montgomery to hide from her not-so-law-abiding family.  But when her peace is shattered by a break-in and threatening phone calls, it's clear someone back in New York knows where she is.  It's time to plan her getaway, and fast--but first, she needs to tie up a few loose ends.  Namely, finding out exactly what the town's sexy cowboy sheriff is hiding in his holster.

Sheriff Quinn Lodge has enough demons on his own to know when someone's hiding something.  Clearly he needs to do a thorough investigation to uncover what's beneath Juliet's uptight, city-girl exterior--preferably one piece of clothing at a time.  But when their chemistry goes from fizzy to full-on explosive, things start getting complicated.  How can Juliet stay beneath the covers with Quinn, when doing so means blowing her cover.

After finishing the first book in this series, I wasted no time in downloading the second and while it was different in overall feeling, less overall family time but we get to meet more members of the community, I enjoyed it just as much.  Juliet is running from her past.  Quinn is a strict rule-follower.  Watching these two come together was great.  Quinn doesn't know exactly what Juliet is lying about but he knows she is hiding something.  Juliet is trying to bide her time until she leaves again--in fact she would be gone by now but she promised Sophie a showing at her art gallery.  Getting involved with Quinn will only lead to heartbreak for her and she doesn't want to hurt Quinn either, but he doesn't exactly give her a choice.

Quinn is in an election year and decides to use that to his advantage by having Juliet pose as his girlfriend for functions so he doesn't get strong-armed into going with the governor's niece with whom he had an unfortunate one night stand.  He needs the governor's support but is not interested in taking the niece along with it.  Although to be truthful, if that handy excuse hadn't fallen in his lap I am sure that Quinn could have figured out another way to persuade Juliet to finally give him the time of day.  

When these two get together, the sparks fly.  I loved watching their relationship develop but I, like Juliet, kept waiting for the past to blow up like a bomb in their faces and when it did, boy howdy!  The fallout was extensive.  It was great fun watching the community band together to try to get these two love birds back together and seeing Jake at work at his lawyer-ly best was a hoot as well.  This is another strong entry in the Maverick Montana series and I already have book three waiting for me on my Kindle!  

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I borrowed this book from my local public library.

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