Monday, July 27, 2015

Coming Home by Jay Northcote

Coming Home by Jay Northcote

Jago returns to his home in the wilds of Cornwall, and is looking forward to catching up with old friends after a term away at university.  When he's reunited with Will--his best mate from sixth-form college and last summer's fling--Jago's feelings for him are rekindled and impossible to ignore.

Over the short winter break, Jago can't resist taking whatever Will's offering.  But will the New Year bring new beginnings?  Or will Jago be left with more bittersweet memories and a heart that needs to heal again?

This is a short--35 pages--free read that is worth the time to download.  I quite enjoyed this sweet story in which Jago misses Will, his best friend of two years and boyfriend for three months before Will decided it would be too difficult to deal with a long distance relationship and broke things off before they both went to college.  Home on break, Jago is both looking forward to seeing Will and nervous as his feelings are still strong and he doesn't want things to be awkward with Will.  Going out with a group of friends helps somewhat but he can't keep from watching Will and wondering if Will still feels anything for is at one such gathering that Jago gets his answer and it is a positive one, however the specter of going back to school after the holiday is hanging over Jago's head.  He wants more from Will, a real commitment but doesn't know if that is in the cards.  Watching these two reconnect in this short story was a treat. 

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I downloaded this book for free.  

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