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The Main Attraction by Jayne Ann Krentz

The Main Attraction by Jayne Ann Krentz

Filomena Cromwell's return home after ten years set small, sleepy Gallant Lake on its ear.  Gorgeous, successful and driving a flashy Porsche, she was no longer the mousy girl who'd once found her fiance in bed with another woman.  And Fil was determined to show the town just how irrepressible she'd become!
Trent Ravinder, a guest at the Cromwell family lodge, observed Fil's escapades with amusement.  In her quieter moments he knew she was warm, sincere and loving.  He'd let her have her day, as long as she reserved the nights for him...

Nine years ago, Filomena left Gallant Lake humiliated at finding her finace in bed with her high school nemisis and tormenter.  Since then she has come into her own as part owner of a successful design firm that specializes in women's wear for petite figures.  Fil is back in Gallant Cove for her sister's wedding and is enjoying everyone's reactions to her confidence and outgoing fun.  She has arranged several fun events for the local women and is having a ball showing everyone that she has not spent the past nine years pining over the jerk who did her wrong.

Fil is having so much fun that her family is worried about her taking things too far and once again becoming the target of unfriendly speculation.  They are relieved when vacationer Trent Ravinder takes an interest in Filomena as the family believes that he might be able to keep a rein on Fil's wilder ideas.  Filomena reacts with humorous good nature to their ploys and finds herself both liking Trent and worrying that he might not be so easily led as many of the casual friends she has back in Seattle. 

Things slowly get more serious for Trent and Fil and watching them come together was a pleasure.  Trent takes great pride in standing behind his word once it's given and Filomena is proud of what she has accomplished but also loves her family and friends with a fierce loyalty.  All is well until a situation arises in which Trent doubts Filomena's intentions and asks her to prove her love and loyalty to him.  Filomena is incensed that Trent demands trust but is unwilling to give it to her.  Both find themselves holding out for the other to apologize with neither being particularly happy with their current circumstances.  I will admit I was pretty solidly on Filomena's side as Trent's reasoning was weak and at times borderline insulting towards Filomena, however, I was happy with how everything was resolved.  Filomena and Trent are a couple that I think it would be fun to revisit as they both had strong personalities that completely complemented each other in the best of ways.  

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I purchased this book with my own funds.

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