Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Once More With Feeling by Nora Roberts

Once More With Feeling by Nora Roberts
It had been more than five years since Raven Williams had laid eyes on Brandon Carstairs, the man who'd stolen her heart.  Now he offered her the opportunity of a lifetime--to work with him on his latest venture.  And despite the painful ache he brought to her life, Raven found herself powerless to say no...

After a long unexpected absence from blogging I found myself in a rut of only rereading well known shorter stories on my kindle.  I was enjoying my reading life but I wasn't loving it.  I was in a holding pattern and while it was comfortable and familiar and, yes, full of great stories, it wasn't new and fresh and exciting.  So I did what I often do while when I find myself in a reading rut.  I turned to an author that I knew would snap me out of it.  Nora Roberts-one of the best story tellers out there.  I went to my good old TBR pile and grabbed the first Nora I saw.  And promptly DNF'd it.  Not wanting to give in so easily, I went back and grabbed another, this time it was Reunion, a two-in-one compilation including Once More With Feeling.

Once More With Feeling is one of Nora's 80's romances but it felt more contemporary than some I have read from that same era.  Raven is a mega successful singer who had a one time romance with Brand Carstairs, another successful singer/songwriter.  Five years ago their love affair ended abruptly hurting them both.  Brand is back in Raven's life with the opportunity of a lifetime--collaborating with him to compose the score to what is sure to be the hottest movie of the year.  Raven is unsure if she wants to chance putting her heart on the line again, but she can't turn down the chance to be a part of a project that will fulfill her artistic needs and add another success to her career.  

Brand knew he had Raven's love five years ago, but he never had her trust.  There were whole sections of her life that she held back from him.  He is determined to have all of her this time around.  After securing Raven's agreement to work with him, he whisks her off to Cornwall to work in an environment free from interruptions from family and fans.  His plan works as they quickly break down walls that have stood between them, but there is still anger on both sides from their past interactions and these explode in one long awaited argument.  Unfortunately, it is at this same time that Raven's personal life implodes and she must return to California to deal with the fall out.  Will Brand and Raven ever get it together and finally find a way to let go of the past so they can move on to the future?  Of course they will!  This is romance-landia, happy endings are a must--although I will admit the ending on this one felt a wee-bit rushed.  Overall, though, this book fit the bill of breaking me out of my kindle and back into the land of new-to-me titles.  It feels good to be back!  

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I purchased this book with my own funds.

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