Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Somebody Nice! by Raine O'Tierney

Somebody Nice! by Raine O'Tierney

Danny, his (almost adopted?) daughter Melissa and their dog Bunny are a happy family.  However, Danny would be happier still if the man he is dating would allow himself to be introduced to his daughter as his boyfriend.  Milo, who works at the school Melissa attends as a librarian is painfully shy, and while he is out to his mother, he worries about letting Melissa know he is dating her father.  When Melissa asks Milo for help at school, he doesn't expect her to want to create a profile for her father on a dating website so her Danny won't be lonely.  This gives Milo the push he needs to take the step of being honest with Melissa and the four of them (can't forget Bunny!) begin spending a lot of time together...until Danny gets the opportunity to switch jobs.  He is a cop without a lot of opportunity for advancement until he is offered a job in a related unit that will require a lot of hard work.  When he begins to transition to this new job, it takes all of his time but he doesn't communicate with Milo about this or anything else.  He simply doesn't communicate with him at all and Milo is left to wonder what happened.  Melissa misses Milo and decides to take things into her own hands.  This is a free download and is an enjoyable way to spend a bit of time.  

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