Thursday, July 23, 2015

Man With a Past by Jayne Ann Krentz

Man With a Past by Jayne Ann Krentz

Cole Stockton had a will of steel and a raw determination to go after what he wanted -- including Kelsey Murdock.  He'd invaded her life, assaulting her with his sensuality, tempting her to be reckless.

She sensed something dangerous about the man -- in the secrets he refused to share, the past that still haunted him, the coiled tension that denied intimacy.  For Cole, the past was a closed door.  For Kelsey, that meant too many questions and no answers -- the best reason to walk away, before it was too late.  

But when a simple business trip turns into a dangerous survival game, she is plunged into a world Cole knows all too well.  Now Kelsey must trust that he knows it well enough to keep them both alive.

Kelsey spends much of this book banging her head against Cole's metaphorical walls that he has placed all around his past and worrying that she will be locked in by the literal walls he has surrounding his house in Carmel.  Kelsey can't understand how they can have a future without Cole opening up about his past and Cole doesn't understand why Kelsey isn't happy to live in the present.  

A cruise seems to be a great way to spend time with Kelsey away from the normal stresses of their lives.  When a quick side trip to deliver some papers for Kelsey's company turns violent, Cole can't hide his past anymore.  It is at this point that Kelsey decides she doesn't need to know about it any more and that she will be happy to live in the present.  Cole decides to worry about her insistence to not talk about the future.  Watching these two figure out how to want the same things at the same time was a great way to spend a couple of hours.  

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