Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Reading Assignment Challenge: The Fatal Fortune by Jayne Castle

The Fatal Fortune by Jayne Castle

Guinevere Jones--Fortune-telling seemed a harmless game.  But when it became clear that Madame Zoltana was making big profits by playing on her clients' fears.  Gwen knew she had to stop the cruel scam.

Zachariah Justis--Success meant calling in an office decorator and hosting a catered affair--until a close call with death convinced him that real success meant survival--and calling Gwen his very own.

A young woman's dark secret, a diary, a crystal bowl--they put the daring duo on the trail of a cunning charlatan--a blackmailer and killer out to destroy every trace of the past.

This last entry in the Guinevere Jones series was a strong one.  Gwen is temping and her coworkers keep talking about a Madame Zoltana that many of them visit regularly.  One young woman however is upset at the news that a secret from her past will soon come to light unless she continues seeing Madame Zoltana for help with the situation.  It quickly becomes clear that Zoltana is using someone to dig up dirt on her clients and using that information to fleece her clients for more expensive and more frequent appointments. 

Zac gets involved when Gwen herself is blackmailed with photos of her nude with an old flame who she has recently run into.  The flame wants back in her life but Gwen is having none of it.  Zac is furious that Gwen was targeted and soon the both of them are hot on the trail of a now-missing Madame Zoltana.  Zac and Gwen, whose relationship has evolved over the course of the series are ready to take the next step and I love how this duo manages to find happiness with each other--they really do bring out the best in each other and I can't imagine either of them with anyone else.

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I borrowed this book from my local public library. 

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