Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Brac Pack #5-8 (Re-reads #27-30)

The Brac Pack #5-8 by Lynn Hagen

Stormy Eyes – Kyoshi and his young cousin Keata have been kidnapped by human traffickers.  They are able to run away and hide out on a boat with a sympathetic fisherman.  Maverick, having had another of his prophetic dreams, sends Storm out to talk to the fisherman.  Storm is stunned to find his mate in Kyoshi and becomes very protective of him and Keata.  Kyoshi is a slow to trust (understandably so), and Storm struggles to find common ground they can use to build a relationship on.  This is not one of my favorites from this series as Kyoshi is completely overshadowed by his more precocious cousin. 

Oliver’s Heart – Oliver has burned a lot of bridges since he has been removed from his abusive father’s house and into Maverick’s pack house.  His anger has manifested itself in angry outbursts aimed at his brother and the mates and warriors alike.  Micah, Oliver’s mate, is at the end of his rope trying to remain patient with his angry mate while still protecting the mates of his friends.  Everything comes to a head when Oliver makes an overature towards another warrior only to be spurned; Micah is so upset that he leaves Oliver to his own devices while he gets his head on straight.  Oliver realizes that all he has worked so hard to throw away is exactly what he needs in order to regain some of the happiness he hasn’t felt in so long.  This title is higher in angst than those that have come before and while it is still extremely over the top, this seriousness stands it in good stead. 

Keata’s Promise – Oh Keata, how you steal every scene you are in!  While his broken English can be a bit much, his character is a delightful one as long as you take Keata with a LARGE grain of salt.  Keata is naïve to the point of ridiculousness, and yet I love him and his story.  Keata’s mate has been kept a mystery although some clues have been given.  If you haven’t read the books, I don’t want to spoil them so I won’t say much more.  I will say that the reasons for said mate to wait so long to claim Keata make some sense although like many things in this series, the drama was exaggerated beyond what was necessary.  Read this one as it is classic Brac Pack.  If you like it, you will like the series.  If you don’t, I would pass on the others as well.

George’s Turn – George was done wrong by his no-good, lying, in-the-closet cowboy ex so he has packed up and moved to Brac Village in the hopes that he can get on with his life.  He gets a job as a cook in the café and starts to settle into his new life.  Tank eats at the café a lot so it is no surprise when he runs into the new cook.  What is a surprise is that the cook is his mate.  Tank looks forward to finally having what so many of his warrior brothers have but there is a catch.  Both Tank and George are tops and neither wants to submit to the other.  When George is attacked by vampires, a tense situation gets worse.  

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