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Wolf Creek Series by Jade Buchanan (re-reads #31-33)

Wolf Creek Series by Jade Buchanan

Black Wolf – Adam is in trouble.  He has woken up after being beaten by his boyfriend/landlord, most of his possessions are lying in pieces around him, and he doesn’t know when Scott, the jerk his did this to him, will be back.  Oh, and he’s late for work.  Adam manages to make his way to his place of employment, the Wolf Creek Bar and Grill.  Also, at the Bar and Grill, after being away from Campbell River for a while, is Marcus, one of the brothers who own the establishment.  Marcus is a wolf so one of the first things he does is “mark” his territory—knowing it will hack off his brother, Rick, who has been holding down the fort while Marcus has been away.  Adam comes limping in, Marcus is intrigued, Rick decides to play matchmaker and the story created is a highly entertaining one.  One of the strengths of the story is the way that the characters show their animal selves while in human form.  For example, Adam is extremely limber and has a way of being able to move through crowded rooms without difficulty.  Marcus is territorial and relies on his sense of smell quite heavily.  Marcus and Adam are quick to jump into the relationship with Scott getting his heartily-deserved just desserts from both Marcus and Adam.  Marcus’s family is very enjoyable and I love the game of “hide and seek” they play and what happens to Adam. 

Duck Fart – Besides having a VERY memorable title, Duck Fart is my least favorite of the series at this point.  I believe it is due to the lack of time spent with the characters so when one of them is prickly and doesn’t let you see past his veneer, it is easy to get frustrated.  While this may have been on purpose, to highlight the issues with mating someone you don’t really know, it was not so much fun for this reader, either.  Keith, a cousin to the brothers who own the Wolf Creek Bar and Grill, is a laid-back woodworker who is enjoying a drink.  Bailey, a Siamese cat, has come to the bar to tell his good friend Adam (from book 1) that he wants more than friendship.  Drake, a duck, is just tired.  He is working hard on a degree, has a short temper, and feels like he is always being picked on without anyone sticking around long enough to get to know the real him.  These three are on a collision course as fate has said they are all mates.  This particular title had lots of misunderstandings, impatient characters acting irrationally, and loads of drama.  It is not a bad book, but I have to be in a particular mood to read this one.

Hedgehog’s Delight— Easily my favorite book in the series so far!!  There are several laugh out loud moments due to Ethan (the hedgehog) and his hysterical way with words.  Ethan has transferred to Campbell River to get away from a clingy ex.  Rick, the bartender who plays matchmaker in the other books in the series, is Ethan’s mate.  Rick, who smelled Ethan in a Tim Horton’s a few weeks earlier, knows he is Ethan’s mate but Ethan whose sense of smell is not as developed is in the dark about this fact.  Ethan, who is extremely cautious after his experiences with a stalker-ish ex, Tasors and then tranquilizes Rick, then proceeds to keep Rick unbalanced with his wacky views on life and everything in it.  When Ethan’s ex shows up, the entire incident is handled in such a mature way that I just want to cheer!  No TSTL acts on the part of either of the characters, although it easily could have gone that route.  This is hands down my favorite book in the series.  I hate to give away too much because this one is best experienced for yourself!  

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