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Nanny Dearest by Shawn Bailey (re-read #34)

Nanny Dearest by Shawn Bailey

Cosmetician Hunter Monroe is the busy single father of a precocious one-year-old son, Chase.  When his nanny resigns, Hunter is left in a lurch until his friend, Adam, suggest the short-term solution of using their family’s babysitter while interviewing new candidates for the position.  To Hunter’s surprise, Adam’s solution is a handsome twenty-three-year-old male college student named Terry—not the type of person Hunter expected to have watching his son. 

While other applicants for the position fail to meet Hunter’s expectations, the temporary babysitter impresses with his cooking skills and childcare knowledge.  Chase makes the decisions that Terry is the one he wants, but has Hunter also grown attached to the attractive nanny?

This novella is a lot of fun!  When Terry shows up to babysit on short notice, Chase, Hunter’s son quickly falls in love with him.  Terry is almost too good to be true but not so goody-goody that you don’t root for him.  He has obviously worked hard to get where he is and I wanted to see Hunter sweep him off his feet, Cinderella-style.  And by the end of the story, all three of them have gotten their happy-ever-afters!

Chase is a cutie pie who felt fairly realistic as a character considering the story was short enough that none of them got to feel that deep.  He loves to put the ties out of Terry’s hair and calls Terry “Mama,” much to the delight of everyone except Terry (although I personally believe that Terry secretly liked it).  Terry is also “beautiful” and he and his friend and roommate at college, Joel are conveniently able to step in as fresh-faced models for a make-up advertising blitz for Hunter’s company.  Furthermore, Hunter’s in-laws make noises about wanting custody of Chase but after meeting the super-amazing Terry, decide that Chase is best left with Hunter.  This was a bit eye-ball-roll inducing but overall, I still enjoyed this story quite a bit…and this is after having already read it a couple of times before.  While silly in places, this is a true comfort read for me because of the sweetness and the happy ending.

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