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March Month in Review and Pages Read Challenge

March Month in Review and Pages Read Challenge

March felt like a great reading month although I still working on getting a posting consistency going.  I hope to get ahead on my written reviews so that I have less lag time between posts.  If I don't write a review right after I read the book, the odds that I will come back to lessen drastically!  However, my first rule is that blogging must remain fun so I am not stressing about it, just aware that is an area to focus on as I continue finding my feet as a regular book blogger.  I have officially completed one more month than my last foray into blogging so that is a great step for me to celebrate as well!  Here is what I read this month: 

Book                                                                              Pages
The Mystery Woman by Amanda Quick                     357 
Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick                      342
Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen                                         386
Biker's Pup by Sean Michael                                       74
Catching Fire by Nora Roberts                                  431
Drawn by Sean Michael                                              228
Christmas Angel by Sean Michael                              38 
Dominated and Claimed by Bellann Summer           86
Controlling His Men by Bellann Summer                    95
Brad's Rock by Bellann Summer                                 93
Solitary by Sean Michael                                            174
Reaching the Edge by L M Somerton                       112
Living on the Edge by L M Somerton                        112
Dancing on the Edge by L M Somerton                    112
A Double Edged Sword by L M Somerton                157
Rough Around the Edges by L M Somerton             145
Rough Around the Edges by L M Somerton             145
Stroke Rate by L M Somerton                                    121
Absent Minded Astrophysicist by T N Tarrent           136
Mountain Rescue by L M Somerton                            95
Royal Line by Sean Michael                                         57
Spot the Difference by Sean Michael                         57
Working It Out by Sean Michael                                  71
Play Me by Blue Ashcroft                                             105 
A Betting Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion                       90
A Marrying Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion                   133
A Fighting Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion                   103
A Working Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion                  129
One Boy's Shadow by Ross McCoubrey                   432
Last of the Summer Tomatoes by Sherrie Henry      246
Guarding January by Sean Michael                          205
Nanny Dearest by Shawn Bailey                                 94
His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey                             123
Black Wolf by Jade Buchanan                                    57
Duck Fart by Jade Buchanan                                     108
Hedgehog's Delight by Jade Buchanan                     74
The Best Damn Thing by B. A. Tortuga                      14 
Timber Pack Chronicles by Rob Colton                   252
Enforcer by Rob Colton                                             206
Echo by Sol Crafter                                                    104
Marked by Kaylea Cross                                           226
Courting Jealousy by Kimberly Dean                        26
Hot Package by Lynn Raye Harris                             83
A Wing and a Prayer by Andrea Laurence               56
The Table and Mr. Tensdale by Rebecca Milton      31
A Place in Her Heart by Trish Milburn                       50
The Gift by Lisa Mondello                                            50
Her Dakota Man by Lisa Mondello                             190
Dragonfly by Leigh Talbot Moore                              264
The Gift by V S Morgan                                              34
Worth Waiting For by Amber Ridge                          36
Off Guard by Marion Tee                                           21
Woman on the Run by Lisa Marie Rice                    326
Murphy's Law by Lisa Marie Rice                            281
Forever Mate: Yuri and Lian by Stormy Glenn         82
Navy Seal's Promise by Soraya Lane                      85
Icebound by Julie Rowe                                               164
Undercurrent by Sara K. Parker                                 208

Total Number of Pages Read: 8324
# of pages YTD: 37,586

I am still working towards level 3 (52,000) and towards my personal goal of 75,000 pages.  Here's to a happy month of reading!  

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