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Woman on the Run by Lisa Marie Rice

Woman on the Run by Lisa Marie Rice

What's a girl to do?  Sophisticated urbanite Julia Devaux loves her life.  What's not to love?  A fabulous job in publishing, wonderful friends, gorgeous apartment, the company of her beautiful though temperamental Siamese cat Federico Fellini--she's got it made.  And then Julia has the bad luck to witness a Mob murder and her life goes straight down the toilet.  Under the witness security program, Julia is relocated to the boondocks, a hundred miles from the nearest bookstore and Estee Lauder outlet, where the only fast food is deer and the only entertainment is sex with a laconic local rancher.  Luckily, talking isn't what Sam Cooper does best...

Former SEAL Sam Cooper can't believe his luck when mystery woman Sally Andersen hits town.  Simpson, Idaho can't even offer a decent cup of coffee let alone gorgeous new grade school teachers.  The instant Cooper sees Sally, he stakes her out as his own.  Granted, he's not much good at talking, but he does his best to keep her happy.  When he discovers her life is in danger, he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe and with him.  He's not alone.  The whole town of Simpson wants to keep her.  

Julia Devaux is looking for some gritty photos for her photography class, wanders through some rough parts of Boston, stumbles across a Mob killing and is the only person who can put Santano away.  Santano puts a five-million-dollar bounty on her head (which he wants delivered to him, literally) and Julia is quickly put into Witness Protection as Sally Andersen in Simpson, Idaho.  She is now a second grade teacher in a town that is declining and will be a ghost town within the decade. 

Sam makes Sally's acquaintance when she breaks a Halloween jack-o-lantern over his head.  He has come to her classroom to talk about one of her students; he got a bit more than he bargained for.  Coop and Sally soon fall into a relationship (or at least into bed together) and all is smooth sailing.  Sally takes rejuvenating Simpson single-handedly, breaking the Cooper curse, and charming all she meets.  However, a mysterious person called the professional is closing in on Julia ready to collect on the growing bounty.  

When it appears that Witness Protection has been hacked, Cooper steps up to keep Julia safe.  He rallies his buddies (two of his former SEAL buddies very conveniently work on the ranch with them although no mention is made of them until they are needed) and works out a protection detail for Julia.  When danger comes to Simpson, the whole town is ready to take it on to protect one of their own. 

I really love Lisa Marie Rice's style of writing but this title was not my favorite.  If this had been my first book by her, I don't know that I would have sought any of her other titles out.  Luckily, I know that the majority of her works are more to my liking and this particular book can be marked off my TBR.  

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