Sunday, April 5, 2015

Deal Me In: Princes of Dominion by Ava Gray

Deal Me In: Princes of Dominion by Ava Gray

He is an angel who marvels at her beauty.  She is a mortal who senses him watching her.  He makes himself look human, she seduces him.  Later, she is threatened by a meanie who is determined to make her his wife.  Angel man is chastened by his angelic brethren to learn to shield his thoughts so as not to be cast out of Heaven.  He can't resist seeing her one more time.  She seduces him again and informs him she is to be married.  He asks her if she would give up everything for him.  She says yes.  He is cast from Heaven, she runs from her groom.  He kills the groom, she threatens to leave him but just can't.  Blech.  I didn't like this one.  

This should have been read and reviewed for Sunday, February 8.  I am sorry that I read it at all.  Yuck.  

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