Saturday, April 4, 2015

Deal Me In: To Hell With Love by Jackie Kessler

Deal Me In: To Hell With Love by Jackie Kessler

Caitlin Harris gets a frantic call from Paul, her twin Jesse's boyfriend.  Jesse, who is a witch like her sister, is unconscious and glowing.  Turns out she opened a box containing a memory spell meant for Caitlin.  Normally, a memory spell can only be opened by the intended recipient, but because of Jesse's unusual background (she is a succubus who was made mortal and who may have part of Caitlin's soul) she was susceptible.  Caitlin calls her ex-husband who is a master of memory magic as well as the sender of the memory currently trapping Jesse.  They both have to enter the memory to pull Jesse out and if they make a mistake they could be trapped forever...or at least until their bodies starve and the die in the real world.  This book must be part of a series because a lot of info was given as if it should already be known by the reader although in my case it wasn't.  Due to that, I can't say I particularly enjoyed this entry in the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2.  

This story should have been read and reviewed for Sunday, March 15. 

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