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The Wolf's Tiger by Lynn Tyler

The Wolf's Tiger by Lynn Tyler

He's a tough, strong wolf shifter--raising his three young nieces will be a snap.  Sure it will!  Enter a sexy tiger-shifter-turned-nanny and things really start to get interesting.  The Wolf's Tiger is the passionate new addition to Lynn Tyler's hot, paranormal romance series, Pack Mates.

All Grayson Mitchell, a wolf shifter, wants to do is raise his nieces in peace and maybe get a full night's sleep while he's at it.  But between his job as an emergency room nurse and the demands of the three little girls, sleep seems far off.  He needs someone who can help him out with the girls, and a nanny seems like the ideal solution.

Shannon Cho is a tiger shifter who has banished from his pride for being too powerful.  But he doesn't want to lead.  He wants to devote his life to children.  Answering an ad for a nanny is the opportunity he's been waiting for.

But what happens when the two men cross the line between employer and employee?  Will love flourish?  Or will the secret that's been kept from Smooth Rock Falls pack tear everything apart?

This may be my favorite entry of the entire series to date.  Grayson, who was wonderfully understanding in book 2, finally gets his own happy ending and what an HEA it is!  Shannon is an absolutely amazing character and he and Grayson are a perfect pairing.  

Gray is devastated when his sister and her husband die leaving behind three precious girls who are the apple of their uncle's eye.  All three, Hope, Honor and Faith were well written feeling like real children without being too precocious or too precious both of which are personal pet peeves.  Gray is trying to do his best to keep his family safe and happy, but raising three girls with his busy job as a nurse is not easy!  He decides to advertise for a nanny.

Who should see his ad but Shannon who is looking for a family that needs him and his talents for organization, cooking, and educational play.  Shannon is relieved to find a job that seems so tailor-made to his strengths and where he can make a true difference.  It doesn't hurt that he finds Gray to be an attractive man but even more, he finds himself loving everything he learns about Gray and Gray is equally smitten.  

Watching Shannon and Gray's relationship develop over the course of this book was a treat.  Sometimes this type of book (paranormal, shifter series) can be short and rushed but this one was just delicious in its timing.  Then a bit of mystery is introduced and that only heightens the tension.  Overall, this is a great addition to a series that I am enjoying more with each addition.  I strongly recommend you check it out (although this series is best read in order!).

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I purchased this book with my own funds.

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