Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Alpha One by Cynthia Eden

Alpha One by Cynthia Eden
Published by Harlequin: Harlequin Intrigue # 1398

"Julie's Missing.  You have to get her back."

The minute he got the message, undercover agent Logan Quinn sprang into action.  Getting Juliana James out of Mexico alive was the Elite Ops covert agent's only priority.  But once the senator's daughter was safely back in their Mississippi hometown, Logan had a new mission: to get another chance with the woman he couldn't lose again. 

Juliana had never forgotten the day, ten years ago, when Logan left her heart in pieces.  Now he was back in her life, sworn to protect her from the ruthless weapons dealer who wanted her dead.  As passion blindsided her--Julie realized how much she'd risk for one more day in Logan's arms.

Cynthia Eden has written a tightly plotted, fast-paced, humdinger of a romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue.  Julie is being held somewhere in Mexico after being kidnapped from the beach--her only lifeline is a fellow prisoner who has helped keep her sane with whispered conversations through the days and nights.  She is waiting for the day when they don't come for John but instead take her.  She has listened to the screams and wonders how long until it is her turn and if she will ever get out...

Logan has always tried to protect Julie and nothing is going to change that now.  He's brought his team to Mexico to get Julie back from the madman, El Diablo, who is connected to Julie's father and who will do anything to get Julie back.  Along with his team, Logan will do what needs to be done to protect Julie, although if he could figure out a way to use her to lure in El Diablo, he wouldn't be adverse to the idea.  After all, he would be right there to protect her...

I enjoyed the interactions between Logan and Juliana.  Juliana, in particular, was very level-headed.  She was caught off guard at various times by either events or information that changed how she viewed her history with Logan and/or his motivations in helping her in the present.  And yet, she never used these occasions as a reason to go haring off on her own or otherwise act out of character.  Instead, she focused on the big picture and tried to control what she could while figuring out how to live with the rest until a time came when she was safe and could then deal with the rest.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the February release of Guardian Ranger which will feature one of Logan's team mates.  

This book rates a 4.5/5

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