Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Short Stories, Deal Me In Challenge

Bibliophilopolis is hosting the Short Stories, Deal Me In Challenge in which you assign short stories to cards in a deck, draw one per week, read, and enjoy.  I had a couple of anthologies (plus some short reads on my Kindle) that were perfect for this, so I quickly made up my "deck" and am ready to go.  

Clubs  (stories from the Don't Read in the Closet)
A: End of the World as We Know It - JP Barnaby
2: Open Tackle - LC Chase
3: Cody and the Hermit - Jaya Christopher
4: Blindsided - Poppy Dennison
5: Heatstroke - Taylor Donovan
6: Jungle Heat - Rachel Haimowitz
7: Wild Blue Yonder - Jambrea Jo Jones
8: Sink or Swim - Lissa Kasey
9: Outfoxed - KLee Klein
10:Tears of the Sea - Marguerite Labbe
J: Say a Little Prayer - Clare London
Q: Free to Fly - Belinda McBride
K: Tears From Above - Michele Montogomery

Diamonds (Also from Don't Read in the Closet)
A: Kiss and Tell - Cherie Noel
2: Moon Over Montana - Lydia Nyx
3: Bridges - MJ O'Shea
4: Innocence to the Max - SJD Peterson
5: His Last Resort - Devon Rhodes 
6: Mourning - Jaime Samms
7: Boy Next Door - PD Singer
8: My Bloody Valentine - Andrea Speed
9: Seedy Business - Damon Suede
10: Liar, Liar - JV Summers
J: Alipio - Bryl R Tyne
Q: Wanting - Piper Vaugn
K: Sweet Dreams - Eden Winters

Hearts (all but the Ace is from the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2)
A: You and a Billion Blue Tiles - Missy Welsh (from Don't Read in the Closet)
2:To Hell with Love - Jackie Kessler
3: Princes of Dominion - Ava Gray
4: Spirit of the Prairie - Shirley Damsgaard
5: Demon's Secret - Nathalie Gray
6: Marine Biology - Gail Carriger
7: Zola's Pride - Moira Rogers
8: In Dreams - Elissa Wilds
9: Gauntlet - Karen Chance
10: Getaway - Sonya Bateman
J: Mr. Sandman - Sherri Browning Erwin
Q: Sin Eater's Promise - Michele Hauf
K: Fragile Magic - Sharon Ashwood

Spades (Ace- 5 are from the Mammoth Book of PNR 2; 6-K are short stories I have downloaded on my Kindle; I defined short stories as fewer than 1000 Kindle locations)
A: Nightdrake - Lara Adrian
2: Sons of RA - Helen Scott Taylor
3: Eve of WarFare - SJ Day
4: Majestic - Seressia Glass
5: Answer the Wicked - Kim Lenox
6: Kissed by a Cowboy - Lacy Williams
7: City of Alphas - Jasmine White
8: Rise of the Female Alpha - Jasmine White
9: Mating Chase - Piper Vaugn
10: A Life for Nicholas - Matt Zachary
J: Miss Merriweather's Marriage - Kathleen Y'Barbo
Q: Heartbreaker - Jessica Wood
K: See Right Through - Sara Winters

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  1. I feel like I should give you some kind of prize, since I think you're the first participant so far whose list contains neither a story or even an author I'm familiar with. :-) But that's good. If you post about any of them I will learn something new. Good luck with the challenge!