Sunday, December 6, 2015

2016 Read the Books You Buy Challenge

2016 Read the Books You Buy Challenge
Book Date is hosting the 2016 Read the Books You Buy Challenge.  I am guilty of buying books (particularly, although not exclusively, for my Kindle) that then sit and don't get read.  This challenge will allow me to see exactly how out of control (or, if I am lucky, how not so bad) this habit is.  The premise is simple...keep a list of books I buy then mark them off as I read them.  I am aiming to read 25% of the books I read so will be signing up for the second level: 20%-40%: Making Inroads.  This challenge also allows participants to include books backdating to June 2015 if desired.  I am going to begin with books bought in December 2015 and go from there.  There will be an official link-up in July and another in December 2016 to keep others up-to-date on our progress but I am going to try to do a monthly post for my own personal use to see how I am doing each month and for the year as a whole.  I will be keeping track of my overall progress here as this is the post that will be re-linked in July and December.  Crossovers with other challenges count. 

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  1. Sounds like a great plan and thanks for joining in.