Monday, January 4, 2016

A Tiger's Bride by Eve Langlais

A Tiger's Bride by Eve Langlais

When at first you don't succeed--turn to abduction.

It's all in a day's work when this Siberian tiger meets the woman he wants.

An accidental kidnapping? Check.

A forced marriage?  Check.

A virgin bride?  Damn.  There go his plans for seduction and here comes the pressure into making her first time perfect.  Because everyone knows that's the one she'll remember, forever.  Gulp.

Add in a plane crash as well as hunters out to capture them and the heat is truly on.

Can this Siberian tiger meet the challenge?

Laugh-out-loud-til-my-belly-hurt funny!! This is the last in a four-book series of which I had read book one a long time ago (and based on my enjoyment of this one, I have put it on my reread list to get to ASAP!)  I can only hope the other titles are as enjoyable as this one was.  Dmitri, who apparently held a woman hostage in a previous book, is watching said former hostage get married when he is smitten at first site by a beautiful, clumsy woman who looks awfully familiar.  Turns out it is the twin sister of the woman that Dmitri had almost convinced himself would be his mate--thank goodness she got away because now he can go after Teena.  And go after her he does!  

After drugging her and kidnapping her (he tried to call it off but what can you do about lousy cell phone coverage?) he marries her and takes her to his homeland of Russia.  Before they get there, the plane is hijacked and then crashes, they are chased by armed humans, and Teena's interesting luck (what can go wrong, will) effects them over and over again...all while Teena wants to consummate their marriage and Dmitri is holding out so he can make it perfect for her. Add in over-the-top in-laws on both sides and you have one hoot of a ride.  There is a ton packed into this short book but all of it is so enjoyable in a seriously-don't-try-to-take-this-too-seriously kind of way.  I can gleefully recommend this book if you want clever wit and honest to goodness hilariousness.  

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