Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Little Kitty by Joyee Flynn

My Little Kitty by Joyee Flynn

While at a party to celebrate his brother's return home, Trey Donovan smells his mate in the crowd.  Addison Cambell is a werewolf from the local pack.  Still hanging on to his ex-boyfriend, Addison isn't ready to let go and accept Trey into his heart.

After realizing his new mate still holds a torch for his ex, Trey leaves with a broken heart and decides to move on and start a new life without Addison.  But Trey gets more than he bargained for when furniture shopping for his new house.  He meets his other mate, Jasper Knight.  Still mending from Addison's rejection, he decides to take things slow. 

Can Trey get over his past heartbreak and move on in the new relationship with his new mate,or will Trey imitate Addison by allowing past hurt to dictate his new relationship with Jasper?

After reading the first book in the Purrfect Mates series, I immediately dug into the second entry.  Trey is thrilled to meet his mate and is ready to whole-heartedly fall in love and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, things do not go smoothly.  Addison continually picks at Trey, pointing out errors and trying to give him advice on every topic from moving in boxes to how Trey can more efficiently do his job as an author.  But the final straw comes when Trey finds Addison hiding the fact that he is constant contact with his ex--he feels emotionally cheated on and to make matters worse, Addison doesn't do anything to change the situation but instead chooses to cling to his old relationship.

While out finding furnishings for his new place, Trey and Jackson have one of the cutest of cute-meets...they both sit on the same bed to try it out and find that they are mates.  They leave after buying the bed they met on and pretty much live happily ever after from that point on.  Jackson is emotionally ready to mate with Trey and his love is a balm to Trey's broken heart.  Trey does worry at times that he doing to Jackson what Addison did to Trey but I didn't see it...Trey is always conscious of the fact that he is beyond lucky to have found his mate and his words and actions back that up.  Eventually Addison is able to pull his head out of his butt and approaches Trey for forgiveness and the three men are able to find a way to move on from their very rocky beginnings.  I will admit that I never truly warmed up to Addison after his beginning actions towards Trey but hopefully in future book installments we will see these three men's relationship continuing to grow.

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