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Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Sophie Grates has never had it easy, but she's finding her way through life one step and one day at a time.  That is, Until Nico comes in and flips her world upside-down.  He forces her to see you cannot live life from the outside looking in, and sometimes you have to step out onto the ledge so you can really enjoy the view.

Nico Mayson knew the moment he saw Sophie Grates that she was the one.  His whole life, he has been judged by what's on the outside, so finding a beautiful woman who sees the real him only makes his feelings that much stronger.

Nico knows the kind of man he is, and the things he is capable of, and he will do everything in his power to help Sophie fight her demons so they can have their happily ever after.  Everything in life worth having is worth fighting for.

Nico is the brother who has most intrigued me since the first Until book I read...he is covered in tattoos, works in a mysterious job (turns out he is a bounty hunter), and always seemed to have a "keep back" sign when in scenes with his brothers in the other books.  Getting his story was great and I really enjoyed it. 

When Nico finds a phone and returns it to its owner, he is stunned to find the owner is his boom, his one.  The legend of the Mayson men seeing a woman and knowing she was it for him finally comes home to roost for Nico--his first sight of Sophie and he is done.  All he knows is that he is going to bring her into his life regardless of what he has to do.  And what he has to do is take it slow...really slow.  When Sophie refuses a date, he brings her ice cream in the parking lot when she is leaving work.  When she relents and invites him over for dinner, he makes sure to not rush her physically although he wants nothing more than to dive into her lush beauty.  

Sophie had a rough experience shortly after her mother died when her father should have protected her but didn't.  She has been on her own a long time and doesn't easily trust others.  She also has no desire to let others close as she doesn't want the pain of losing them.  However, sexy Nico slips under her defenses and slowly she finds herself falling for him.  Before she quite knows what is going on she is living with him, and then meeting his family.  She finds in the Mayson clan the type of family she always longed to be a part of: large, noisy, nosy, but ultimately incredibly loving and welcoming.  Sophie discovers that Nico is exactly who and what she wants and needs.  However, there are a couple of incidents that cause Nico to worry about Sophie's safety.  A man is seen lurking around her house and a threatening note is left on her car.  

Throughout everything that happens (and I have to admit, I mostly guessed who the bad guy was and rolled my eyes at the "twist") Nico and Sophie hang in there and are a great couple.   I only had one niggle and that was Nico's continual secrecy around Sophie regarding his job.  I get not wanting to share details but when he quits bounty hunting and signs on with the local PD and doesn't even mention it to her until he leaves for training?  He would have flipped if Sophie made such a decision without his input so it felt like a slap to not let her know something that would so directly impact her life.  It didn't fit with who he really seemed to be which was a man who trusted his woman to be strong.  Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even when the ending events were more silly than suspenseful.  

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