Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Experimenting With Ed by Katie Allen

Experimenting With Ed by Katie Allen

A self-professed lab geek, Claire doesn't date much.  In fact, she has more contact with the rats at the lab than with human males, not counting her toad-like boss, Gordon.  When her coworkers drag her out to a club, Claire ends up fending off her drunk and handsy boss--until she's rescued by Ed, the most beautiful bouncer she's ever seen.  Her tentative, exhilerating relationship with Ed is interrupted when she learns her boss intends to falsify research data to win a grant.  When Claire threatens to reveal the truth, she endangers her life, as well as Ed's.  Framed and forced to run, it's not long before Claire discovers Ed is hiding a shocking secret of his own.  Through arson, police chases and attempted murder, the two grow closer, the intensity of their lovemaking rivaling that of their harrowing journey.  Claire would be worried about the ever-present danger and a grim future as a fugitive...if she weren't so engrossed in her exotic experiments with Ed.

What an incredibly cute and funny story!  I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one--Ellora's cave is incredibly hit and miss for me but this book by Katie Allen was a definite hit.  Claire can't take her eyes off the beautiful bouncer while out with colleagues.  When he rescues her from the unwelcome attentions of her boss and walks her home to ensure she makes it safely, his attractiveness only increases.  When he shows up the next morning to walk her to work, Claire isn't sure what to think but she enjoys spending time with the nearly-silent giant.  Her nervous chatter and Ed's eyebrow are capable of providing plenty of conversation.  

When Claire discovers that her boss is going to falsify data in order to win a grant that will keep him in funding for the rest of his career, she threatens to go public with the real data showing his idea to cure cancer doesn't work.  Later that evening, an attempt on her life is made but Ed is able to keep her safe.  The two go on the lam after seeing their faces on the news.  Claire realizes that her boss has concocted a crazy story to implicate her in a crime she didn't commit and Ed's past complicates matters even further.  Luckily the two have time for sexy loving on their way to a safe house.  

While the story isn't exactly new and is slightly over-the-top, what really makes it a winner is the spot-on humor with which it is written.  This story does not take itself too seriously, but rather stands proudly as a crazy adventure with two extremely likable characters who have great chemistry together. There were several times I could feel a silly grin on my face as I enjoyed the witty banter and one particular scene when Claire has another case of verbal diarrhea after being pulled over by a traffic cop had me laughing out loud.  The argument between her and Ed that followed had me snorting and struggling to catch my breath.  This book has been on my Kindle since October 2011...I can't decide it I am bummed that I didn't get to it sooner or thrilled that I finally got to it.  Probably a bit of both.  

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