Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Read the Book You Buy: February

Read the Books You Buy: February

Oh dear, I went on a book-buying binge...I don't regret buying them (at all), but based on how many I haven't read yet, I can't say that I really needed any of them either.  I have so much reading material waiting for me on my Kindle already that adding this many books in one month is kind of overkill. 
  1. The Country Omega by Penelope Peters $1.98
  2. Plan Hayward and the Wedding Planner by Bellann Summer $3.82
  3. The Ties that Bind by Stormy Glenn $3.82
  4. Odd Man Out by Stormy Glenn $3.82
  5. Here Kitty, Kitty by Joyee Flynn $4.24
  6. Straight Cowboy by Jan Irving $3.49
  7. Shifter Cowboy by Jan Irving $0.99
  8. Ralston's Way by Talia Carmichael $3.49
  9. The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters by Amy Lane $3.99
  10. Breaking Cover by Sean Michael $2.99  
  11. Guarding Morgan by RJ Scott $3.49
  12. Merrick by Claire Cray $0.99
  13. Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford $4.24
  14. Obedient Slave by Kim Dare $3.99
  15. Burning Bright by A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Bright $4.24
  16. The Ranch Foreman by Rob Colton $3.99
  17. Our Sexy Tiger by Joyee Flynn $4.24
  18. My Little Kitty by Joyee Flynn $4.24
  19. My Angel Cheetah by Joyee Flynn $4.24 
  20. The Peacock Prince by John Tristan $3.82  
  21. Keeping House by Lee Brazil $2.99
  22. All In With the Duke by Ava March $1.99
  23. Kitty in the Middle by Joyee Flynn $4.24
  24. Capture by Rachel Van Dyken $0.99
  25. Cheetah in Charge by Joyee Flynn $4.24
  26. The Wizard and the Thief by Sean Michael $4.00
  27. Orion's New Leash on Life by C. Callenreese $3.99
  28. Bob the Destroyer of Leads by Sue Brown $2.99
  29. A Dance with Domination by KC Wells $6.29
  30. The One True Sacrifice by Marcy Jacks $4.24 
  31. Deathtrap by LM Somerton $2.66
  32. Hyden's Law by Hurri Cosmo $0.99
  33. Omega by DJ Heart $0.99
  34. Dangerous by RG Alexander $0.99
  35. Just Love by Casey Ashwood $0.99
  36. Omega on the Run by Victoria Brice $0.99
  37. Always His Earl by Cheryl Dragon $0.99
  38. Phoenix Club Complete 15 book set by CJ Bishop $0.99
  39. Working to Win by Sean Michael $3.99
  40. Taken by Rennie Leigh $3.99 
  41. The Phoenix Chronicles Complete 3 Book Set by CJ Biship $0.99
  42. Bite by Sean Michael $4.99
  43. Tabloid Star by TA Chase $3.44
  44. Shot the Plot by Lynn Michaels $0.99
  45. SPECTR: The Complete First Series by L. Jordan Hawk $0.99
  46. Over the Line by Emmy Harris $0.99
  47. Something Sparked by Mari Carr $0.99
  48. In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish $0.99
  49. Allen Securities Box Set One (Reed, Kase, Liam) by Madison Stevens $0.99 
So the grand total spend on reading materials this month was a whopping $139.00...I spent just slightly more than that on food this month.  I have only read 7/49 or 14% of these books (or $29.18/$139 for 21% based on money spent).  Three events contributed to my crazy one-click buys this month: reading about Joyee Flynn's Purrfect Mates series (her books ride the line of crazy shifter behavior but I love them), going through the archives of rainbow-reviews and sampling a bunch of books, and discovering Sinfully m/m reviews' $0.99 sale release posts on M/W/F.  Add that in with my woefully slim willpower to say no to a book (come on, it's a book--who can say no to that????) and you get this month's madness...While I don't feel guilty about my book buys, I am going to attempt to scale it back in March only because I also purchased a new Kindle this month and am currently working my way through ALL of my Amazon digital purchases since December 2010 and I am currently sitting on 790+ books I need to read and have only looked at purchases through to July 2013 (I decided to start with the oldest downloads and work my way to current stuff--it is interesting some of the things I thought I might read)...Add in the 1300+ book on my library's for-later-shelf PLUS all of the starred/highlighted books in my Romantic Times magazines and I have plenty of reading material for the next six to seven years (I read 500-600 books a year thank goodness!)...

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