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Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler

Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler

Minka isn't sure she should trust the sexy Special Forces soldier who found her.  Subjected to horrors, on the run from scientists set on locking her in a cage, Minka is terrified of the monster she's becoming...and somehow, Angelo is the only one who can calm the beast inside her and make her feel safe.

But can she trust the way he makes her feel when she's not even sure she can trust herself?

Another fantastic book from Paige Tyler!  I don't know how she has done it, but this series is getting better and better.  Minka was grabbed when on the way to work and subjected to horrible tortures.  She was also injected with something that has caused her to develop a beast--and it's very angry!  Unfortunately, Minka has found that any time she is scared, worried, angry (which is almost all the time anymore) the beast is in charge and she is helpless to stop it from wrecking havoc.  When she finally escapes, she is forced to scavenge for survival and is unsure of her reception at home--she fears her family would rather she be dead than be a monster.  Before she finds out the truth, she is accosted by some men who make it clear they do NOT have her best interests at heart and her beast comes out to "play" once again.

It is during this even that Angelo Rios discovers Minka while deployed with his Special Forces unit in Tajikistan.  He has seen hybrids before but was definitely not expected to come across one in this part of the world.  He is even more surprised when his very presence allows Minka's beast to retreat allowing the scared young woman to come to the forefront although she still has very limited control.  Soon Angelo and Minka are on their way to the DCO, a covert organization trying to prevent the creation of hybrids while protecting and helping those which are found.  Angelo and Minka basically live in each other's pockets while the DCO tries to discover who created Minka's beast, if there might be other hybrids out there, and where the doctors might be now.  

In addition, the DCO is worried about a traitor or traitor's on the committee who oversees their operations, relationships new and old continue developing, and hints are given about possible future story lines.  Add in a rather intense search and retrieve mission, a very uncertain future regarding a special ops soldier and the hybrid who has become less reliant but no less emotionally attached, and Paige Tyler has crafted quite the page turner.  If you have not read the other books in this series, I would not start with this one.  Do yourself a favor and begin from the very start--you'll race through them so quickly you'll be ready for this one in no time!

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